Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I learned from a one-legged stripper. . .

In a previous post I revealed to the world several of my guilty pleasures. Today I decided to share the guiltiest of them all...I religiously watch Maury. Nothing pleases me more than yelling, "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!" from the comfy confines of my couch. I know, I should be doing something more constructive with my time.

One day while watching I caught a glimpse of a preview for an upcoming EXTREME NERD MAKEOVER show! The show planned to feature a one-legged stripper, Amber, wanting to surprise a former crush. Needless to say, I tuned in the next day! Surprisingly I learned a lesson or two...

#1 Follow Your Dreams/Weight loss Goals
Despite a disability, Amber never let one leg get in the way of her dream to become an exotic dancer (DON'T This chic jumped on the pole and rocked it, one leg and all. I am blessed with two legs and complain about working out...ALL THE TIME. I need to shut my pie hole, stop complaining and handle my business in order to reach my health & wellness goals. Like Amber, I need to  jump on the stripper pole of life and ride (what a colorful metaphor)!

#2 Love Your Body 
Amber obviously loves her body as evident by her profession of choice. As I continue to lose weight, I notice some body parts require more attention than others (e.g. arms, stomach, thighs, etc). Instead of focusing on my wings (arms), extra stomach, and turkey drumstick legs, I now prefer to focus on the positives like my sexy collarbone and coke bottle figure with my new-found waist.
(planning on shortening this dress...soon)

#3 Stop Complaining
I posses two legs, two arms, a somewhat semi-normal functioning brain, two eyes to see, two ears to hear...
I basically arrived in this world with all working standard factory functions. So with that being said written, I need to STOP the complaining & "USE WHAT I GOT TO GET WHAT I WANT" (prolific quote from the movie Player's Club). What I want...what I believe most of my blog readers want IS lifelong health & wellness. So my advice to you...USE WHAT YOU GOT & jump on the stripper pole of life and ride!


  1. A good lesson to learn... and I love the dress!!

  2. OMG! I love your blog! I found you on SITS and will definitely be back as your writing is wonderful! I love your humor!!!

  3. I couldn't resist the title of this post. Who knew that there were lesson to be found in the farthest depths of the Maury show?

    We all have our guilty pleasures. I've been know to watch Rock of Love.

  4. hahaha I might not yell "you are NOT the father" along with Maury, but I just MIGHT let out an occasional "HoOoOoOoOo!!!!" after HE says it! LOL! =)

    Congrats on the weight loss - you look FABULOUS! I have a long way to go yet, but I'm just now starting to see the tiniest results & it's SUCH a positive thing!

  5. This post oozed with positivity! I loved it! I also loved the dress- you look GREAT! :) WHoohoooo HOT MAMA! :)

    My guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelorette and because she kisses so many guys, I like having Sean close to reach over to kiss him when I want to. lol

  6. Trina...I can't, I just can't.

    *sneaks off snickering*

    great lessons learned but I am not that mature yet not to laugh at a ONE LEGGED STRIPPER!!

    I'm not laughing at the one leg but the stripper combined with the one leg!

    I can't! I just can't! lol! I am clicking off this page! lol!

  7. Great post! I needed this motivation today!

  8. LOL, great post! Love the dress, you look fab!

    Ok, the one legged stripper, let's just say I'm going to keep all comments to myself because I am literally in tears right about now from laughing. :)

  9. That dress is gorgeous on you! Love your analogy! LOL

  10. You look gorgeous in that dress!

    And yes, you have proven that it's possible to find motivation in the most unlikely of places. =P

  11. LMAO hahahaaa You KNOW I love this post!!!and the lessons you put forth YES YES YES!!!

    I needed this message this morning..

  12. you are that fab (and rare) mix of flipping hilarious and inspirational.




  13. LMAOOO I love your blog titles. You are the reason I sit there like an idiot trying to come up with something witty and catchy….. and end up with the same thing I had last week.
    Very cute picture...!!!

  14. So true! Yet so funny! And I love the Playa's Club reference! I think I shall make it my facebook status for the day! GREAT POST chica! And you look absolutely fabulous!


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