Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD Omelet

Get it? PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD...Bella & Edward. My omelet serves as a homage to Eclipse. I kinda think my omelet's name happens to be quite humorous.  I crack myself up...LOL. Get it...crack...egg...never mind.

C'mon, did you honestly think the release of Eclipse would escape a mention on this blog

PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD Omelet

Veggies of your choice:
bell pepper
Baby Bellas
1 egg & 2 egg whites
Tony Chachere Chicken Sausage

Break It Down:
1. Chop your veggies & chicken sausage.
2. Add veggies to eggs and whisk.
Check out my farm fresh eggs...yes, from a true live farm. I got the hook up on eggs y'all!
3. Pour mixture into the Redi Set Go. You know, the Redi Set Go powers that be need to start paying me.

4. Cook 8 to 10 minutes and then pop those bad boys out...voila.
5. Add your favorite garnishes. Salsa for me!
6. Eat!

With the left over veggie ingredients I plan make & store a few more omelets to serve as a grab-n-go breakfast.

Monday, July 19, 2010

7 Links Challenge. . . The Me So Hongry Edition

As usual, my ADD led me to many many weight loss blogs today, AND then I stumbled upon Pro Blogger's 7 links challenge via John Is Fit.  So, here goes...

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time I lose focus and momentum. And whad'ya know, this happens to be one of those time. So, I though it befitting that I click back to WHERE IT ALL first remind myself why I choose to fight this battle of the bulge day in & day out! 

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time I lose sight of why I blog and I get caught up in numbers: comments, followers, link-up participants, etc. To REMIND MYSELF WHY I pound away on my laptop sharing my thoughts, I often peruse my blog and read posts that I enjoyed writing the most.

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time my writer's voice loses direction and I sometimes blog about random nothingness, but every now and then I FIND MY GROOVE and produce a  posts that encourages a great discussion

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know I need to make a doctor's appointment to receive an official diagnosis for my Blame the ADD for lack of comments on your blogs. See what happens is...I click on your blog, see other bloggers in your blogroll, and then proceed to blog jump. 

While BLOG JUMPING I always read posts on other people's blogs that I wish I had written. Karen from Fitness: A Journey Not A Destination writes many thought provoking post that make me go hmmmm...

If you follow my blog (Do you see a pattern developing

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know I sometimes throw w(h)ine & cheese parties demonstrating my failure to see the bright side during times of woe. On occasion my inner Partridge Family/Brady Bunch shines through and I write a helpful post (even if the post features a one-legged stripper) encouraging bloggers  to TURN THEIR FROWN UPSIDE DOWN.

If you follow my blog religiously, you may not know that on occasion I spend way too much time concocting creative post titles. At one time I thought about using song titles as post titles. But truth be told, simple is the way to go. Simple titles using keywords optimizes search engines and draws more people to your blog. I think.

Anyway...if I were to select a post title I am most proud of...hands down...
"Would you give a crackhead crack?"

Sarcastically (my brand of humor), I began each passage with, "If you follow my blog religiously..." 

I know sometimes life gets in the way and following Ah Me So Hongry religiously, reading EVERY single one of my blog posts is extremely unrealistic and demanding.  But I admit I do read every almost every post of a few blogs I follow.

With that being said I leave a hilarious PANTS SPLITTING POST,  I wish more people had read....

If you write your own 7 links post, please link up and share...

Friday, July 16, 2010

You've Got a Friend In Me!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!" ~C.S. Lewis

Just like the Toy Story theme song states..."You've got a friend in me!" Oh before I get to the crux of my post, allow me to share some highlights of a Toy Story 3 birthday party my sons and I attended. MY coworker Rose planned the best party EVER for her kids:
Here's the birthday girl dressed as Jessie... TOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!!!
...And the birthday boy dressed as Woody...ADORABLE!

Check out the party swag!!!

Several  months ago I attended a Weight Watchers meetings that tops my list of favorite meetings. The topic, Let's Buddy Up, focused on finding a weight loss buddy. In short, the leader expressed the importance of sharing your weight loss endeavor with a buddy going through the same life changing experience. 

Buddy benefits include:
  • "friendly" competition between two buds helps to fuel workout motivation. When training for my first 5K I ran with my cousin one day, and the partnership helped to push me to run farther and faster.
  • Buddies provide comfort & encouragement during times of despair, as well they help you celebrate your weight loss accomplishments.  
  • According to Weight Watchers, members with support lead to greater weight loss success resulting in 3 times the weight loss than a member with no support. 
So, "Where do you go to find a weight loss buddy?"

I immediately  thought about my Blogger buddies and how you encourage me through thick and thin (no pun intended). When I threaten to quit blogging or skip my Saturday weigh ins, your comments often talk me of the ledge, so to speak. And I thank you kindly for providing unconditional support.

Of course I piped up and told ALL WW meeting members about the fabulous support found in the blogosphere. Followers come and go, but a few of you remain loyal and return again and again to gratify my sometimes over weaning ego...don't judge.

Weight Watchers' meetings provide many opportunities to connect with a weight loss buddy.  Typically, I run in/out of meetings quickly and never make time to socialize. Surprisingly, a WW member, Jen (who by the way lost an amazing 100 lbs),  contacted me on Facebook (another great buddy source), and coincidentally she and I worked together back in the day (10+ years ago) at the YMCA. 

The best thing about a WW buddy, if either one of us misses a meeting, we can message each other with details of the week's meeting topic. 

Friends & Family
Another place to find a weight loss buddy...friends & family.  BUT BE CAREFUL with this option. Buddying up with friends and fam can be a catch 22. Sometimes jealously abounds when one person proves mores successful by losing more weight or losing faster than the other person. 

Despite the dark side of working together with friends or family, they can serve as a catalyst  to help keeping  the weight off by encouraging each other to stick to the plan.   Fellow bloggers and non-bloggers, I want to introduce you to some of my supportive friends & family buddies :

My biggest cheerleader...MY MOM! She helps by sometimes preparing my meals and helping out with healthy lifestyle change expenses (e.g. purchasing exercise equipment). 
God's Favorite Shoes, a fellow WW trooper...we attend different meetings but we cheer each other on (to the best of our ability).
The Kinder Team... especially Katie who made a waist line friendly cake for my birthday last year. And you too Brenda & Solmary for participating in the Weight Watchers 5K with me! Thanks ladies.
How bout a few other suggestions to find a weight loss buddy:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gym
  • Park or where ever you work out
Now that I gave you some ideas of where to find a

...What do you look for in a buddy?
In my case, I need to connect with someone who can share my pain. My buddy needs to know what it feels like to hit rock bottom...crash & burn, only to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. I need a buddy who relates to the day to day struggle of fighting the good fight.

More specifically, Weight Watchers offers a few  tips for creating a successful partnership.  On your buddy search look for a partner who:
  • shares goals similar to yours (i.e. weight loss, fitness, etc.)
  •  exercises at a similar intensity 
  • provides support  and not jealously if they gain and you lose
  • resides in close proximity. An online buddy works, but studies show a face to face partnerships prove more successful.
Unfortunately, some people embarking on this weight loss adventure lack the support from friends, family, and the online community. To that I say..."YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME!"

So, do you already buddy up? If not, I challenge you to find a suitable weight loss partner! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!

Okay, so I decided NOT to write about the move from hell...maybe later. The thought of writing about my horrific nightmare made me cringe every time I looked at my laptop. For now, I want to put that disaster behind me. 

Plain and simple, I fell of track, and I seem to find myself eating more junk than normal. I know the stress from the move threw me into an abyss of atrocious eating coupled with no daily workouts. I saw some old ugly habits rear their head: 

  • eating out
  • eating without thinking and making bad choices
  • not tracking my food intake 

And Saturday, for some strange reason I craved a corn dog. I considered Sonic as a solution to my  craving, but I told my inner saboteur...NO! But then the thought occurred to me...DUH, make your own corn dog! AND I did.

Hot Diggity Corn-Dogs!
1 box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix
1 egg
1 cup 1/3 milk
Hebrew National Hot Dogs

Break it down:

  1. Make the corn bread mix according to the directions on the box.
  2. Cut the hot dogs.
  3. Spoon the corn bread mixture into the wells of the Redi Set Go.
  4. Add a piece of hot dog to each well.
  5. Close the top on the Redi Set Go and cook for 7 minutes. 
  6. BAM!

So, my plan to find my way back...take my weight loss endeavor one day at a time. Today I exercised for the first time in over a week and a half...ZUMBA!!!!!! Zumba gave me the opportunity to pop and drop it like it's hot! Tomorrow I look forward to more hip poppin FUN! 

I also set two small goals for this week:

  • Drink at least six 8 oz. glasses of water
I'm off like a dirty shirt. I need to focus on getting at least 8 hours of sleep. I read an article today in Newsweek stating a lack of sleep leads to weight gain. The article reinforced something I already knew...G'Night!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


LET THERE BE LIGHT! After a week (seemed like an eternity) WITHOUT U-Verse & Internet, AT&T arrived bright and early this morning to connect me with the rest of society!

For those of you in the dark, I moved last weekend. My recent move aged me a few years. One catastrophe after another sent me spiraling into a food binge. I felt like a crack-head on a crack bender as I ordered numerous combo meals my drug of choice at various drive-thrus "crack-houses". Slowly...very slowly but surely I seem to be on the mend. Very slowly.

I plan to spend this weekend getting settled and completely unpacked. A Niagara Falls water leak in my bedroom and a 4 day staff development stifled my unpacking progress. More about my disastrous move to follow...including pictures. 

Tell me...have you ever experienced a move from HELL?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It keeps getting better! The idiots upstairs failed to report a plumbing issue. So, Niagara Falls greeted me when I arrived home from picking up the boys

Sunday, July 4, 2010

And the nightmare continues...

Just taking a very brief break from moving...

I experienced the worst movers EVER! They jacked up my washer, couch, and scratched the hell out of the walls at my new casa!

TRYING TO FIND THE BRIGHT SIDE...I know it's only stuff, but I work hard for the little bit of nice things I do own.

One thing I learned from this fiasco, I still use food to deal with stress. This morning I woke up with a food hangover. I felt horrible. 

peace and blessings y'all! HOLLA! 

Everything that could go wrong...DID!

The movers bailed.

No AT&T until next Saturday.

Carpet cleaning scheduled for yesterday happened today.

Torrential rain pour.

These mishaps stressed me to no end and I basically self medicated my self with food...and bad food at that. Not really in the blogging mood. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spreading the Love!

Lourie from Metabolism Blues and CA Girl bestowed the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award to me. As a newly appointed Sugar Doll I must do the following:

  • Thank the recipient...check.
  • Link back to the giver...check.
  • Reveal 10 things about me...hmmm what can I tell you that you do not already know?
1. I think I missed my calling as a stripper. If you follow my blog, then you know I mention strippers and stripping probably more than I should. Do you wanna know what I would do with my stripper tips? Pay my student loans...stripping for a cause.

2. I support TEAM JACOB!! YUM!

3. Every March I look forward to eating what my mother calls "dirty" carnival food. My favorite dirty food...funnel cake!  

Why does my mother refer to carnival food as dirty? When you order food at the carnival, do you ever see the people taking your order and serving you wash their hands? neither.

4. Shoes rock my world!! And the HIGHER the heel the better! 

5. Tonight a friend asked if I sing in the shower. YES I do.
6. I make  greeting cards and invitations.

7. I still detest exercising and I struggle EVERYDAY!  Daily, I force myself to do it!

8. In high school my friends and I participated in a scavenger hunt, and almost succeeded in borrowing a stop sign from a corner...good times (Hopefully my mom does not read THIS post).

9. I am a sneak eater a.k.a. secret eater. Since most, if not everyone in my life knows about my healthy lifestyle change, I watch what I eat in front of them to escape judgement. When I eat in private, no one knows but me; however, secret eating thwarts my weight loss efforts. If I sneak eat, I must remember to track.

10. I once ate a bug...a chocolate covered larvae to be exact. I must spread the love:

Join the "CUTE as a BUNNY Weight Loss Challenge"

Join the "CUTE as a BUNNY Weight Loss Challenge"
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