Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peace on Earth...GOODWILL to Me(n)!

Hey, I just realized my last post was my 100th post! I hope someone found some useful information in one of those 100 posts of my sometimes insane rambling. Before I get on with this post how bout a little housekeeping starting with weigh in results.

I got OWNED by the scale this week, +.8 lbs. I chose not to invest any negative energy into my weigh in results. No use in crying over .8, not even a whole pound. I can honestly say I made a valiant effort with my food choices and my tracking. I must admit, my tracking efforts fell by the wayside lately, but last week I set two goals:
  1. Goal #1, track...If I bite it, write it!
  2. Goal #2, work on the WW Healthy Guideline specific to incorporating 2 doses of healthy oils daily. To incorporate oil, I added 1 tsp of olive oil to my afternoon smoothie, homemade salad dressing, oatmeal, and/or my morning grits.
This week I plan to continue to work on these same two goals, PLUS add more activity. Since I'm off from work this week, there is no excuse for not working out. So, goal #3, workout at least 5 times this week. Since my week starts on Saturday, 1 workout down and 4 to go.

On to my post...
MEET MY PERSONAL STYLIST... God's Favorite Shoes. I often visit GFS's blog to drool over her FABULOUS thrift finds.
A few weeks ago I confided in GFS that I lost my fashionista mojo. Back in the day, (the lighter days) I stayed on point with the latest fashion styles and trends. Well, the more weight I piled on, the less options remained for places to shop. AND, for big girls around my age (, not many stores carry affordable, age appropriate, non-tent resembling clothing like the frock pictured below.

Getting to the point...
I told GFS that I desperately needed some clothes that actually fit and I needed her fashion expertise to try to put some looks together. I no longer wanted to dress so matchy-matchy, Gap ad. I desired a new look to show off my more svelte silhouette. So, me and GFS went shopping and she helped put these ensembles together (Ignore my hair and the price tags thrown on the floor):
BEFORE: Old Navy black dress $9.99
AFTER: Old Navy Dress + Old Navy Jacket $9.99 + Pink/Black Snakeskin Belt $2.99 AND my Halloween fishnets.

I love my Madden Girl shoes! I already had these shoes but decided to try them on with this dress.

New York & Co. Geometric Shapes Wrap Dress $9.99. I paired this dress with my "Beat Ya Down Boots" I almost went to jail over these $150 dollar Antonio Melani boots I got for $35.00. I was trying on one boot, and the other boot sat silently in the box. A lady walked by and attempted to grab the other boot in the box. I informed her that I was already trying on the boots, and then she looked at me like whatever. I looked at her like "try it and see what happens." We stared each other down and she finally walked off. I was prepared to go to war over these boots.

Ralph Lauren Shirt Pinstriped Black Shirt $6.99 + Cobalt Blue Belt $ 2.99

Now, ask me where I purchased these great finds...
That's right! Peace on Earth...Goodwill to me!And if you think you are to good for Goodwill, the you need to get over yourself real quick. I purchased many more pieces like my Bill Blass Tuxedo Shirt. I wanted to show you some of my other looks, but my photographer started to get a little annoyed with my multiple wardrobe changes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Hours, 42 Minutes and 20, 19, 18, 17. . . seconds until NEW MOON!

New Moon Movie and Twilight News

FINALLY! Last year while attending a workshop, the instructional specialist veered off topic and began discussing the book Twilight. She was about the 50th person that told me I MUST read Twilight! The following Saturday I found myself wandering around Wal-Mart, and I happened upon the Twilight display. Only one book remained! I snatched it up and ran to the register with the rest of my purchases.

So, that night I crawled into bed, turned on Beethoven's Sonata #14 "Moonlight", threw caution to the wind and dove head first into my Twilight addiction. About three weeks later I finished the series! Yes, three weeks! Have you seen these books? Two of them contained over 500 pages. In some instance, I read a whole book in 2 or 3 days. The series rivaled that of CRACK (not that I have ever done crack or anything)!

At times I found myself at stoplights in the dark reading, while using my Blackberry as a flashlight. I finished the third book Eclipse in the parking lot of Borders. After I read the last page I threw the book down, dashed in the store to purchase Breaking Dawn (the final book), and read the first chapter before I left the parking lot. When I ran into the store I had a wild look in my eye and the salesperson probably thought I was INSANE! CRACK I tell ya! Sometimes I lost chunks of time as well as sleep.

So, next week during Thanksgiving Break I plan to see New Moon. I may even rock a Team Jacob shirt. Yes, Team Jacob. I always tend to go against the grain or the majority. I'm kinda like a rebel...well a rebel without a cause (lol). So what does this have to do with weight loss? Nothing. Well, not entirely nothing. Let me share my movie popcorn alternative with you

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stalking Oprah: Day 1

So, first things first. Drum roll please...............................-3.8 this week for a grand total of 45 pounds removed! After I received my 5 lb. star, I watched in amazement as one member reached lifetime after losing 83 lbs. and another achieved goal after losing 85 lbs.

After various members received their awards, the leader then suggested that we use the WW tool Mental Rehearsing to prepare ourselves for the moment we stand in front of the WW meeting room accepting our goal or lifetime award. Mental rehearsing allows us to practice in our imagination to prepare for a successful performance such as weight loss success. After the mental rehersing spiel, I raised my hand and confessed that not only do I mentally rehearse, but I visualize the following:
...myself BUSTING through my BEFORE pic on OPRAH while Justin Timberlake's SEXYBACK plays in the background...better yet, while Justin Timberlake sings the song to me with the mic in one hand and twirling me around with the other hand. How's that for mentally rehearsing?
The leader then says, "If you get on Oprah, I'll pay for the plane ticket myself!" GAME ON! So needless to say, I just submitted my first of may emails to the Oprah show. How cool would it be for the entire 9:00 A.M. meeting participants, myself, and the leader to appear on Oprah? So many of the 9:00 A.M. members have success stories to share and inspire others.

And the leader, Karen, where to start? I credit some of my weight loss success to our award winning leader Karen. When we choose to throw in the towel, Karen refuses to give up on us or let us give up on ourselves. She makes the choice to adopt a healthier lifestyle less painful with her witty repartee (I just used one of my $5 college

So...question...Can you think of some attention getting stunt I could pull to grab the attention of Oprah and her producers. I'm thinking a video of me pretending to be on Oprah busting through a mock BEFORE the journey picture of myself. How funny would that be? What are your thoughts?


I finally resurrected my food blog after several weeks of not posting. Since my latest meals failed to live up to some of my summer concoctions, I chose not post. After serious contemplation, I decided to start posting regardless of the fabulosity of my edible creations.

Craving something sweet? Check it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Magenta Joseph A. sweater purchased from Foley's....$45.

Magenta and Black Embroidered Notations skirt purchased from Foley's...$59.

Gianni Bini flats from Dillard's...$89 (but got them on sale for $12)

Wearing an outfit long since forgotten, shoved away in a drawer because you gained many, many, many, pound and everytime you wore the outfit the seams resembled that of David Banner transforming into the Incredible Hulk...PRICELESS!

I purchased this skirt and shirt about four years ago during one of my many WW stints. I think I wore this outfit a couple of time before it started bursting at the seams. Not wanting to part with this jazzy ensemble, I packed the skirt away in the back of a drawer to be worn after I lost weight. WELL... today people, that day finally ARRIVED!

As usual, I woke up this morning disoriented and wondered what to wear. I opened my armoire and the color of the shirt caught me eye. I thought to myself....Self, I wonder if THAT skirt fits. I flew off the bed, rifled through the drawer, and tried on the skirt. BAM...IT FIT!!! With a little help from my slimming garment, I rocked this bad boy at work today and received a couple of comments.
O...FYI...the jewelry you see...made by yours truly.

Many moons ago I decided to start making my own jewelry, and like every other hobby I started, I quit. I recently diagnosed my self with H.A.D.D., Hobby Attention Deficit Disorder. Case in point, my scrapbook blog...yeah only 2 or three entries.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hard Pill To Swallow

Okay, so I mentioned a recent NSV I experienced at the doctor's office. Let me set the stage, so to speak...

So, week before last, the campus hosted a comprehensive health screening for $150 dollars, which my insurance covered 100%. Yes, 100%! At first I decided not to participate, but then the nurse sent an email explaining the benefits of the screening. And for me, the #1 benefit...NO OUT OF POCKET COST. The only drawback, no breakfast or food until after the screening. I loves me some breakfast y'all!

Before the nurse tied me off to draw blood from my all to willing veins, she took my blood pressure. Lo and behold, y'all my blood pressure was off the chain...169\90! Yes, you read that right! The nurse told me to contact my physician immediately and take care of my pressure.

Definition of off the chain: crazy, uncontrollable, nuts, insane in the membrane

A bit of history...
Unfortunately high blood pressure runs in the family. Around 6 years ago, I began to suspect the onset of the family curse, and my doctor and I started monitoring my blood pressure.

Okay, so getting to the NSV. I immediately made an appointment for the following day. I arrived at the doctor's office and went through the obligatory rigmarole. The nurse led me to the examining room and started rifling through my file. As I sat there freezing in the meat locker (Why is the doctor's office so cold? Are they freezing meat in the back?) As I was saying, as I sat there shivering the nurse continued to violently flip through the papers in my file. At this point, I started feeling slightly alarmed. My thoughts...WTH is she looking for?

Flip...flip...flip...flip! Finally she stopped, turned to face me, and the following conversation ensued:

Nurse: Ummmm...Are you Trina?

Me: (apprehensive) Ummm...yeah. I think soooooo. (not really sure who I am at this point...)

Nurse: Ummmm...Did you lose weight?

Me: (...wanting to say Hell to the Yeah) Yes I did! 42 pounds! How much did I weigh on my last visit?

Nurse: 231 (I now weigh 186.). WOW! HOW?

Me: Weight Watcher, watching what I eat, and trying to incorporate movement.

Nurse: WOW! I think I may join!! 42 pounds!!!

So, BAM...there it is, my doctor's office NSV. In short, the doctor prescribed Benicar. For me, taking medication for high blood pressure is a hard pill to swallow (not literally cause the pills are actually quite small).

I just thought taking preventive measures, such as losing weight might allow me to escape the family curse. But to no avail, here I sit with 3 free sample bottles of Benicar in my purse.

During my follow up EKG appointment today, my blood pressure read 118/20. In addition, I brought in the results from the screening...more dismal news. The doctor informed me of my Anemic status. But on the bright side, my cholesterol rocks!!! My overall cholesterol...131. BAM...take that high blood pressure!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I interrupt the regularly scheduled blog. . .

I know I promised to mention an NSV experienced at the doctor's office, but I rather tell you about a wonderful opportunity I received as a birthday gift (Thanks Mom). I received 3 Personal Fitness Instruction (PFI) sessions which include the following:
  • Overhead squat assessments
  • Postural analysis
  • Myofascial Release (Self massage of tight
    and sore muscles)
  • Introduction to Flexibility
  • Introduction to Power Plate training
  • Initial Total Body Workout
  • Body composition and measurements
  • Motivation and commitment strategies
  • Nutritional support
The PFI sessions allows the trainer to customize a safe and effective fitness program tailored specifically towards me and my wellness goals!

Equally exciting, the wellness center and spa offers a 12 week program for treating chronic illnesses or reducing the risk of serious health conditions, such as obesity/overweight. And check this out, my health insurance may cover the 12 week program! I plan to call first thing in the morn to schedule my PFI sessions and to inquire about the 12 week program!

It's about to be on like Donkey Kong!

On like Donkey Kong: meaning something is about to go down that you're pumped up for.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

E - I - E - I - O No . . . My Birthday on the Farm!

So Wednesday, November 4th, I celebrated my 36th birthday. The day started with a birthday surprise from my Mom. I thought she decided to deliver some birthday treats, even though we never decided on a cookies or a cake. When she arrived she opened the backseat door and removed this skirt.
If you remember from my Halloween post my Mom made her own 50's inspired skirt. After seeing her skirt I requested a poodle skirt for our 50th Day of School Celebration. In honor of the 50th day of school, the Kinder team decided to pay  homage to the 50's...THANKS MOM! That's not the E-I-E-I-O no part.

After receiving my skirt, I dressed for work and departed looking forward to visiting Old Mac Donald's Farm, our first field trip of the year. The Kinder team decided to rock overalls for the excursion.

Here comes the E-I-E-I-O no part. First of all, one of the buses arrived late and our estimated time of departure changed from 8:30 A.M. to around 8:55 A.M. So, we hit the open road and found ourselves LOST! Yes, lost! Finally we arrived to the farm around 10:20 A.M. We lost an hour of fun.

SILVER LINING: When the students spotted the farm they cheered in delight. I think the students sensed our agitation as the bus drivers aimlessly wandered the freeways.

Upon arrival, yours truly looked forward to eating lunch, but we decided to let the students terrorize and feed the animals first. Then FINALLY, feeding time for the humans. While everyone else ran to the concession stand, I made this bad boy: sandwich thins with deli sliced roast beef, hoity toity mustard, and baked Cheetos.

So here's the E-I-E-I-O no...I feared for my life as I ate my sandwich while battling what seemed like a swarm of killer bees. No silver lining.

After two long hours we FINALLY boarded the bus to return to school. As we reached our final destination I noticed my throat felt scratchy and I got that E-I-E-I-O NO vibe again. I thought to myself...Self, that would suck more than anything to get sick on your birthday. By the time I packed my bag to go home, some nasty bug completed the invasion of my body.

SILVER LINING: I stayed home from work, sick I might add, and slept all day.

So needless to say ALL birthday celebrations remain canceled until my body resumes all natural functions, specifically, BREATHING: NO annual birthday dinner with my Mom and my boys, NO annual birthday happy hour with my girls, and NO dinner date with GIFGOW.

SILVER LINING: Me and GIFGOW celebrated his birthday Monday and I helped him eat this.

O, and I felt not one shred of remorse as I ate some of his dessert. And I still feel nothing. Perhaps I gained .8 this week thanks to this decadent delight. Who cares? Truth be told I would eat this again.

SILVER LINING: This .8 gain means nothing, compared to the NSV experienced at the doctor's office. Tune in to tomorrow's post for more details.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to walk the PLANK!

As promised Halloween 2009. I present... ME... rocking my Treasure Pirate Wench ensemble! Be prepared to walk the plank...
My favorite part about the costume...THE BOOTS! More than likely those bad boys may make a second appearance next Halloween with a different color ribbon. And no,I chose not to wear a hat. Despite humidity and trick-or-treating with my son, I visited the most fantastic hair stylist in Houston, Missy. By the time I departed for my festivities my hair decided to go all willy-nilly on me.

For those of you who just started following, I often use slang when writing. And I usually provide the definition and how to use the word during a conversation.

willy nilly- All over the place in a random fashion.

bad boys (referring to the boots)-
Deliberately suggestive euphemistic reference to any multiple object whether accurately suggestive or not.

My mom decided to dress up too! She MADE THIS SKIRT! She dresses up every year to dole out candy to trick-or-treaters.

My youngest. When he commits to a character he really commits.

My home-girl God's Favorite Shoes. She wrote a very humorous piece about her Halloween adventure. I make a small guest appearance in the post.

While at the club (that shall remain nameless), I struggled in the extremely claustrophobic bathroom stall trying to pull up my fishnets without crashing head first into the stall door. At that very moment I started thinking....

42 pounds ago, I dared not consider wearing a Halloween costume, let alone one of this magnitude: fishnets, above the knee, AND a halter top. For whatever reason, the confined facilities triggered an epiphany. I allowed my size to dictate my lifestyle. In the past I remember avoiding certain activities due to my weight, and now that I think about it, I missed out on a lot. Now don't get me wrong I still avoid all events requiring a bathing suit. I may have lost 42 pounds, but I did not lose my mind. From this point forward, I chose to not let my weight hinder how I live my life!
Highlight of the night...The club closed at 2:00, or so we thought. When I jumped in the truck with GIFGOW , I noticed his truck's clock failed to match the time on my cell phone. Why you ask? TIME CHANGE! So you know what that means? ONE MORE HOUR OF PARTYING!

After a night of hijinks and shenanigans, Pancakes at IHOP... the cherry on top of the Halloween cake of adventures both GOOD and BAD!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bare with me...or is it bear with me...

Either way...I appreciate all of the support and encouragement provided by those of you leaving comments and following, despite my lack of posting. I plan to post at least 3 times a week, but sometimes my life gets plenty busy and i barely eek out one post.

Well this week, I turn 36, on Wednesday, November 4th, and plan to celebrate...pretty much everyday (except Wednesday when I attend school. Boooooo!). Saying all that to say my posts this week may be few and far in between as well.

Oooooo, before I go, let me tell ya about my unsuspecting NSV (Non Scale Victory) I received today. Two of the Special Education coordinators walked into my room this morning to check on me, the students, and school year thus far. One of the ladies asked if I lost weight. With a mouth full of banana I shook my head and then replied, "42 pounds as of last Saturday!"

That's right y'all, I experienced a small loss of .6 last week for a grand total of 42. Well I must skedaddle now. I wanted to use my little bit of extra time to drop a line. And you MUST RETURN for my next post featuring me in my Hottie Pirate costume. The only thing I have to say is...I wish I could wear a petticoat and laced up boots EVERYDAY!

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