Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TOOT TOOT Tuesday: LOOK what I got!

WELCOME...to  "TOOT TOOT TUESDAY" created by me, Me So Hongry! I developed TOOT TOOT TUESDAY as a means for others to toot their own horn! So, take this opportunity to boast your most recent weight loss triumphs. Or help others by leaving nuggets of wisdom that work for you!

Last Saturday's weigh in revealed a gain of 1.2...OUCH! BUT, receiving this little trinket at the meeting made up for the gain
Weight Watchers members earned this charm for completing a 5K on their own or participating in the WW Walk It Challenge on June 6th. And as you all know, yours truly completed both challenges. I know. I know. I owe you a part two 5K post.

Okay, so TOOT TOOT TUESDAY works like this:

  1. Leave a comment tooting your own horn or share some weight loss or exercise tips that may benefit other blog readers.

  2. Link up below so others can follow your thumbnail to your fabulous blog!

  3. Return to your blog and spread the word about toot toot Tuesday by writing a post and linking it back to my blog. Be sure to grab the code below to let you readers know you toot! If you prefer, you can also copy&paste the image below instead of grabbing the code.

Get tooting Y'ALL & link up!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Change of ad(DRESS) & Ceremonial Shreddring

The post title contains a two-fold meaning: change of ADDRESS indicating I plan to move, AND change of a DRESS. Wait until you see the fabulous summer ensembles I threw together!

Yes...MOVE! I originally planned to move closer to end of next month but, the leasing agent offered me a smashing deal to move in on the 3rd of July. YES...next Saturday! 

So needless to say I spent the entire weekend packing, throwing crap away and shredding. I got 2 words for you people....GO PAPERLESS! I shredded my brains out today. I receive most of my bills via email, but as I packed my belongings I ran across 3 baskets full of OLD mail. GO PAPERLESS!

As I thumbed through the old correspondence I stumbled upon my Layne Bryant credit card, which I never used. One day I ran into Layne Bryant in need of a pair of jeans, and the sales associate offered a discount with credit card approval. After I purchase the jeans the card never saw the light of day.

Well my friends I decided to hold a special ceremony today...a Layne Bryant Credit Card Shredding Ceremony!

Just Listen...I apologize for the video appearing so dark (ummm...I assure you that the  fart sound after shredding the 1st card came from the shredder and not me)

After shredding I packed up all of my former BIG GIRL clothes. The end result...4 garbage bags busting at the seams. Time to give back, so GOODWILL here I come! 4 bags of clothes makes me wonder what in the world  will I wear when I return to work in August. 

I barely put a dent into my packing, so I think for the next few days I may post some of my favorite past post.

OH...so on to my change of a DRESS. I refuse to spend THIS summer covered up. In the past, I always wore jeans or capris and a big shirt over another shirt to cover my stomach. And the downside from wearing jeans and 50 shirts during a scorching HOUSTON summer... embarrassing unsightly excessive sweating.  

THIS summer I refuse to hide behind  my clothes. I took myself on a mini shopping spree at Ross Dress for Less. In all honestly I loathe Ross for the simple fact it remind me of a garage sale. BUT imagine my surprise when I started perusing the dress rack and found some jazzy garments! Take a look:

$8.99...YES $8.99...BINGO!

For those of you who missed this dress on a previous post...
And last...my favorite summer get up:
I purchased this skirt about 5 years ago during one of my many WW stints. After I gained weight, I held on to the skirt. Not only can I wear the skirt now, I need to take it to the alteration shop for a little nip/tuck.  I found the shirt at Kohl's. Like Ross, I loathe Kohl's. I just happened to be in the neighborhood, popped in, and spied this t-shirt.  

Wait until you see my black dress and the little cute number I found at Marshall's. 

You know what...back in the day I rarely looked forward to shopping. And NOW, a few pounds lighter, shopping excites and exhilarates me...sometimes. Sometimes meaning the times when other people spend their money on me:-) 

Friday, June 25, 2010

REMEMBER THE TIME...karaoke party!

I originally planned to repost my MJ Tribute from last year, but as I scanned my old post, I realized I never shared my cousin's MJ Karaoke Party photos with you. And on the anniversary of MJ's death and my youngest's 13th birthday...what better time to share! Last year on MJ's birthday, my fabulous cousin Vanessa planned a most entertaining birthday celebration with the works! She even made glove invitations complete with BLING! Meet Vanessa:
My boys and I arrived at the party and the paparazzi caught me off guard with a barrage of camera flashes!
Me, Mimi (Mom) & the Duke Boys 

My cousin Raquel created her on MJ Glitter Glove...SHAMON!

Before the festivities started we filled our bellies with scrumptious eats and treats. 

My munchies...this and...

MJ Glove Cookies & CAKE!

So, after we noshed on some grub all performers picked a MJ song from the set list to perform.
The party hostess asked performers to grab a pass and report backstage to prepare for the show:

 Check out the backstage antics...

And what's a party without DOOR PRIZES!!! 
Look what I WON!

Some of my favorite highlights include:
  • the soul train line
  • my rendition of Dancing Machine complete with poppin' & lockin! Unfortunately, I captured the performance on my Blackberry and  not my camera. 
  • my boys performed as "special guest"
  • winning a prize for my karaoke performance...priceless!
Did I mention Vanessa supports the arts and paid my boys to share their talent!
 Raquel serenading her husband lying at the foot of the stage...YES A STAGE! VANESSA CREATED A STAGE...HOW COOL IS THAT?!!

My camera died, so I failed to capture the hilarity and hi-jinks of that night on video! Vanessa throws the best parties and I look forward to the next party (hint...hint). This one time she threw a party and projected MJ's videos ON THE WALL! YES...ON THE WALL! 

Well...RIP MJ and I leave you with my fav MJ videos! 

Meals in Minutes!

Okay folks last night I decided to focus on just one blog (this one).  Some of you may not know this, but I also "manage" 2 other blogs...one for showcasing my healthy food creations and also a scrapbook blog (which contains 1 or 2 post...FAIL!). I can barely manage this blog, let alone 2 others. Anywho, to compensate for my discontinued blog, I plan to add a recipe page to my navigation bar for easy access to my culinary delights.

So folks if you will...let's say goodbye to The Good, The Bad, and The Hongry!

Okay, enough playing around. I thought the summer would afford me time to throw down in the kitchen...WRONG! Between taxiing Turbo and Ozone (my boys) to and fro AND my own festivities and functions, not much time remains for kitchen mayhem! But I found time to throw together this:


1 La Banderita Tortilla (These huge tortillas contain ONLY 81 calories,  2g of fat, 6g of fiber. ONLY 1 PT...SHAZAM!
Ground Turkey Breakfast Sausage (Wal-Mart)
Egg Whites
Salsa (optional)

Break It Down
1. Cook 2.5 oz of sausage in cooking vessel of your choice.
2. I cooked my eggs and sausage separately, but you  can cook your ingredients how you see fit. Of course I cooked my eggs in this:
3. Next, layer your sausage, egg, and salsa on your tortilla and then wrap. Sometimes I place my wrap inside my Xpress Redi Set Go for a crispy crunch.

My favorite GO-TO meal...the Mexican Stacked Pizza!

1/4 or 1/2 cup Black Beans
2 Mission Thin Corn Tortillas (1 PT...SHAZAM!)
Serving size of meat of your choice
1/4 c 2% Mexican Cheese

Break It Down:
Using my Xpress Redi, Set, Go I made this scrumptious Mexican pizza.

First, I mashed a 1/2 cup of black beans and then spread the beans over a corn tortilla.

Next, I placed another tortilla on top and and covered that tortilla with 2.5 oz of ground turkey and 1/4 c  ounces of cheese.

After the pizza cooks for 5 minutes, remove from the RSG and top with lettuce and tomatoes.

I got a lot going on; so, until next time. O...my Mom found my 5K race card, so stay tuned for part 2 of my 5K report...complete with a oxygen deprived post 5K vlog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How bout a lil Show -N- Tell?

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Before I get down to the nitty gritty, first a little housekeeping...

And the winner of my What a CROCK giveaway...drum roll please!

Congrats Lourie and happy crocking! Make sure you pop on over to Lourie's blog and check out her post on the meaning of beauty. 

Now, the nitty gritty. Lourie's "What is Beauty" post started my wheels-a-turning, and reminded me of some old 2006 San Antonio vacation pictures I ran across a couple of weeks ago. The moment I laid eyes on the photos I screamed, "YOWSERS!"  I knew right then and there my blog called for a progress pic post. In addition to displaying my progress pics, I plan to answer Lourie's question...What is beauty?

Check me out stylin' and profilin' at Natural Bridge Caverns. Even at this weight despite some insecurities,  I viewed myself as beautiful...sometimes....

Stylin' n' profilin': To look good, so fresh and so clean

Judging from these photos, I considered myself to be somewhat hot like chili. That's a  result of one cocktail too many. I must admit, I like the fullness of my face and sometimes miss it.

Do you really want to know what I think when I look at these photos...when is the baby due?

When I look at these pics I think to myself, " Wow! Why did I give that big girl so much power over me? What took so long for me to decide to change and lose weight?" *shaking my head*  I remember justifying my weight by calling myself thick or voluptuous or curvy. Those descriptions sounded much better than FAT.

Well my fellow blogger, take one last look at 2006 San Antonio Trina...that's the last you and I will EVER see of her. 


I took my power back, but every now and then my inner 2006 San Antonio Trina emerges and tries to talk me out of running or coerces me to eat things like chocolate covered toffee from a box of Whitman's Chocolates. When my inner chunky chic does emerge, I just tell her to kiss my keister.

O, and to answer Lourie's question...What is beauty...?

BEAUTY IS...enjoying life while jumping in a moonwalk!
BEAUTY IS...a slumber party with friends!


What is beauty to you?
P.S. No TOOT TOOT Tuesday today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Walking Wonders Take on the WW Walk-It 5K

Meet the Walking Wonders!
On June 6th me and my two co-workers, Brenda & Solmary AND the rest of the COUNTRY participated in the Weight Watchers Walk-it 5K Challenge. In efforts to encourage people to get up and move Weight Watchers introduced a step-by-step training guide to help members incorporate walking into their daily routine AND train for the June 6th 5K. As well, Weight Watchers designed the training plan to be manageable for members with varying levels of ability.

Our walk benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston, which serves as "home away from home for parents of children receiving medical treatment from various Houston hospitals. Our WW location donated proceeds from Walking Wonders 5K t-shirt sales and canned goods.

Not only did the Ronald McDonald House benefit from the Walk-It challenge, but Brenda & Solmary, and myself  benefited by earning activity points AND enjoying a most pleasant, scenic walk...unlike my first 5K.

Along the way we passed by the Hilton where Clara Harris ran over her husband...a couple of times. Remember that insanity?  Clara received her own episode on SNAPPED, a show about women that basically SNAP and kill their husbands, lovers, etc! Check it out.
 The thing I liked most about this 5K...the walkers started whenever they arrived, rather then starting all together in one big  mob!

Posing at the first water break...almost to the 1/2 way mark!
We completed our challenge, and Brenda rejoiced in surviving her first 5K!
After all participants returned, everyone crowded around waiting to win the Wii! Unfortunately none of us garnered the Wii, but Solmary did win this hat!
I think the Walk-It 5K challenge may become a yearly Weight Watchers event. If so, I plan to participate EVERY year. Well that concludes my post. OOPS! I forgot to include my favorite part of the 5K...the post 5K activities, lunch at Jason's Deli!

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